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Warmies Heatable Stuffed Animals at The Lamp Stand

Warmies heatable stuffed animals are the perfect companion when you need some cozy comfort. Stuffed with 100 percent natural materials — specifically suited to warming in a microwave — Warmies plush toys hold heat for 90 minutes!

This makes them a great alternative to heating pads, hot water bottles, and electric blankets. Warmies can also be cooled in the freezer for an hour to use as a cold compress for swelling, strains, or fever.

Their signature mixture of millet and lavender provides a calming and relaxing effect. Fortunately, at The Lamp Stand, you can find the perfect plushy for soothing any soreness that you or your little ones feel after a long day.

Warmies Heatable Soft Toys, Lavender Animals, & Plush Goods

Your search for the perfect Warmies soft toy is over! Here, we offer a diverse catalog of innovative (and adorable) lavender-scented stuffed animals.

In fact, that’s not all we offer. In addition to Warmies animals, you can also find other useful and comfortable relaxation products.

From eye masks to slippers, they have everything you need to treat yourself. When you combine them with other tranquility products, you’re empowered to develop your own at-home oasis.

Lavender Scented Soft Toys

Opting for a heatable animal is about more than simply adding practicality to your stuffed animal collection. Just by adding warmth and engaging another sense (smell), Warmies plushies are able to replace other compresses and warming devices while providing you and your children with an incredible degree of contentment.

This Warmies teddy bear, for example, is a great way to keep warm during cold months. The bear is made of soft, plush fabric and is stuffed with lavender-scented filling that will keep you cozy all night long.

Another of our favorites is the Warmies Red Panda, which boasts a red, brown, and white coat and an adorable little face you’ll just want to kiss. Featuring locally-source French Lavender and specially-treated grains for filling, the fragrance of these stuffed animals are nothing short of enchanting.

Plush Products

As we mentioned, we offer much more than just teddy bears and red pandas. In fact, in addition to stuffed animals & eye masks with scent and heat, Warmies also produces wraps and spa slippers that boast the same qualities!

The Warmies Plush Wrap is a lavender-scented, brown-and-white wrap that can be heated in the microwave to provide warmth and serenity. They’re perfect for use as a spa wrap, and they make a great gift for someone who could use a little TLC.

Similarly, these Heatable, Lavender-Scented Spa Slippers complete the spa-day package. Better yet, use them daily for staying toasty while walking around the house.

Snuggle Up with Warmies Stuffed Animals from The Lamp Stand

Imagine this: you return home from a taxing day at work and an adorable stuffed giraffe greets you from a mantle, bookshelf, or nightstand. You scoop it up, throw it in the microwave, and lay back with a heated compress neck wrap — what a friend, right!?

Perhaps you work from home? Then our slippers will keep you comfy as you complete your tasks.

If you have children, these are exceptional and productive replacements for basic stuffed toys. To find the perfect Warmies cozy plushes for your family, reach out to our team today.