The Lamp Stand is back under ownership of the original founders and owners, John & Debbie Tortorice! After some time away from the business, we're so happy to be back serving you all once again with the top notch customer service we were known for! We've just moved to a new building and are working feverishly to bring you an incredible selection of home, gift and fragrance products once again. We hope you'll stop by regularly to checkout our great offers, competitive prices and trendy selection of all of the brands and products you love! 


Welcome to The Lamp Stand! We're so glad you've found us and look forward to serving you! 

When the Lamp Stand (TLS Home LLC) was founded in 2006, in Springfield, Missouri, we specialized in catalytic lamps and lamp oils. Today, more than a decade later, we not only sell the best fragrance lamps on the market, but we also offer a plethora of other products ranging from dinnerware to handbags.

Since our inception, The Lamp Stand has chosen to partner with only the most reliable brands. Companies like WoodWick, Tyler Candles, La Tee Da, and so many more. Our high standards have ensured that we only offer high-quality products at discount store prices.  

We take pride in each item that we add to our store which is why so many of them are handmade, many right here in the USA. From hand-poured candles to mouth-blown glass fragrance oil lamps, to hand-thrown dinnerware, we carry a little bit of everything.  

If you are looking for unique home décor, high-quality home fragrance, or anything in between, we have you covered here at The Lamp Stand. Come visit our store or shop our wider selection of products online.  

Springfield, MO Location:

1955 E. Phelps St.
Springfield, MO 64802
Phone #: 417-351-2197