At The Lamp Stand we guarantee our shoppers….


We want you to win!!! With the economy being what it is these days, we know that people are trying to do more with less. Even if things are tight, we don’t want you to miss out on the good stuff! Our goal is to put more money back in your pocket on every purchase so your shopping dollars go further.

At The Lamp Stand, you’ll find incredible discount prices on so many of our quality brand name product lines. Even in cases where a brand will not allow us discount their product (common with more exclusive brands), we always look for ways to add value to your shopping experience through Gift With Purchase offers, Free Shipping offers, and other programs that give you more for less. 


At The Lamp Stand, we’re not satisfied with “customer care as usual.” You could say we’re somewhat fanatical about offering incredible customer service. We want to be the best at serving YOU!

Our sincere belief is that our success as a business is directly tied to your happiness and satisfaction. When you call, email or work with us in any way, our goal is to make your experience one that is unmatched and unforgettable. We strive to be kind and friendly, attentive and concerned, and solution oriented in every situation. When you’ve shopped with us, we want you to feel like you’ve received 5 Star treatment all the way around.


We know you don’t like paying shipping cost and we don’t want to charge for it! We strive to offer FREE SHIPPING at the lowest possible order amounts. Even with increasing freight costs each year, we do all we can to get creative and keep from passing those costs onto our customers.

In addition, we know you want your order quickly. At The Lamp Stand, nearly all of our orders go out the same or next business day. With our central location in the US, this means super fast delivery for our customers. We constantly get customer comments who are shocked with how quickly they received their orders. Lastly, we know you want your order to be accurate. To ensure accuracy on every order packed, we have a triple check system where three different Packing Specialist handle and check the accuracy of each order.


At The Lamp Stand, we are a little obsessive about offering every available item within a brand or product line and at having those items available in our own warehouse. This means, for each of our many brands, we will typically carry all of the best sellers PLUS all of those hard to find and less popular items.

We know that those hard to find items are some times exactly what you’re looking for! In addition, we know the importance of having control over our own stock. These days, so many internet retailers only have a small selection of product in-stock. They special order most items or have them “drop-shipped” directly from the manufacturer. In general, this means much longer wait times for you, the customer. Additionally, these companies often have to say “its out of our hands” when a customer questions where there order is or why it hasn’t arrived. Here at The Lamp Stand, we stock the vast majority of the items that we sell. This means when you place an order, that item is sitting out in our warehouse ready to get packed and shipped to you the same or next business day! We don’t “pass the buck” to another company and trust them to get your order right.


We know you want to shop at a place that carries product that are current, in style and perfect for you! You don’t want to have to sort through piles of outdated brands that just don’t appeal anymore. At The Lamp Stand, we strive to do the work for you by only selling items that we’re confident have a high level of appeal and trendiness.

Multiple times a year, we go to both gift and fashion markets looking for the latest trends and the hottest brands. We literally walk through multi-million square foot wholesale shopping malls (usually until we just can’t walk any more) in search of brands that are trendy and that we know you’ll love.


At The Lamp Stand, we believe in Giving Back to help those who have significant unmet needs throughout the world and here in our own back yards! We know that we’ve been blessed as a business so that we can be a blessing to others and not just to keep it all for ourselves.

Each month, The Lamp Stand supports a number of organizations who assist in areas related to world hunger, poverty relief, and orphan support. In the USA, we also support relief efforts for kids in school with needs related to health, hunger and hygiene. Since we started in 2006, giving has been one of our core values as a company and it continues to be a major focus today!

The Lamp Stand Team
Where serving YOU is our highest priority!