Warmies Heatable & Lavender Scented Dachshund Stuffed Animal

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Warmies Heatable & Lavender ScentedDachshundStuffed Animal

All age groupsæcan have hours of funæusingætheiræWarmies plush animal,æknowing that they can be warm all night long due to a filling of specially treated natural grains and locally sourced French Lavender. They are fully microwavable yet able to be held tight after taking aæbath, putting onæPJs,æand headingæup the stairs to bed. For adults seeking some gentle relief for aching muscles or sore joints after a long day,æWarmies products are ideal. Warmies plush animals are gently scented with French lavender that is carefully sourced from local growers in Provence. Can be reheated hundreds of times.

Heating Time & Care Instructions: Simply warm for 90 seconds up to a 800W microwave. For care, please do NOT immerse in water or wash in the washing machine - surface clean only with a damp sponge.

Age Suitability: Suitable for all ages.

Dimensions: Approximately 13" long.

Safety Certification: American toy safety standard ASTM-f963

Caution on Overheating: All Warmies¬ products carry heating instructions attached to a label sewn into the product and these instructions should be followed very carefully. If your Warmies¬ product has been overheated by mistake you should dispose of it in normal household waste after allowing it to cool to room temperature. Do not reheat a product that has been overheated by mistake as it could be dangerous do so.

Renewing Fragrance: To refresh the aroma simply heat as normal and place a few drops of good quality essential oil of lavender directly on to the surface of the product. This will not harm the fabric.
Warmies Heatable & Lavender Scented Dachshund Stuffed Animal

Warmies Heatable & Lavender Scented Dachshund Stuffed Animal