The Lamp Stand Holiday

After 18 years of bringing you the finest in European glass Christmas ornaments, the team at The Lamp Stand decided it was about time we turned our passion for beautiful Christmas ornaments into our own designs.  In 2022, we are launching our first six original designs in collaboration with the Polish Ornament maker Huras Family Artisan, renowned throughout the world for their high quality glass blowing technique and beautifully hand-painted ornaments.

Huras Family Artisans have designed and produced ornaments for some of the largest brands in the world including Hallmark, Fortnum & Mason, Gumps of San Francisco.  This family owned factory prides itself on the quality, beauty and traditional aspect of their ornaments.  Their attention to detail is unmatched in the industry.


The Lamp Stand Exclusive ornament collection consists of six designs all original an unique to our store, produced in limited quantities to make them truly collectible.  We chose to design ornaments that spoke to the Christmas Tradition and represent the true spirit of Christmas in our hearts.  Each of our six ornaments started as an idea based on our personal memories of Christmases past, evolving into a hand carved sculpture then further enlivened by the glass blowing artists and meticulously hand-painted with carefully chosen colors.  

All the designs in our collection are meant to make a statement on your Christmas tree.  At Seven inches tall, each ornament will stand out among your ornament collection.  We have designed ornaments which are meant to be seen, used year after year and passed down from generation to generation.  With only 300 being produced worldwide you will be one of only a select few to have such a beautiful piece in your collection.


Whether you select just one of our Christmas ornaments or purchase all six in our collection, you will be purchasing a true first edition of immense beauty, with the highest quality available which will become a Christmas Tradition to hang on your tree year after year.