(G) Fleur Dis Lys Blue Mug 4.5"H - Set of 4

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Please Note: Intrada items have a potential for backorders due to these items being hand made in Italy.

Since 1979, Intrada has brought the best of Italian Pottery & Italian Ceramics to the rest of the world. Every handmade Italian ceramic creation offered reflects a fresh, colorful and sunny outlook that brightens any lifestyle. Those who enjoy fine food, great music and the beautiful things in life, "La Dolce Vita", will especially appreciate these creative Italian artwork that transform the ordinary into the fanciful. ALL INTRADA ITALY PRODUCTS ARE SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS AND EACH ORDER MUST AMOUNT TO AT LEAST $100 IN COMBINED INTRADA ITALY PRODUCTS. INTRADA PRODUCTS MAY TAKE 3-4 WEEKS TO RECEIVE. ALL INTRADA ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO A 15% RESTOCKING FEE IF ORDER IS CANCELED OR RETURNED. IF YOU NEED THE ITEM MORE QUICKLY, PLEASE CALL FOR ADDITIONAL HELP.
(G) Fleur Dis Lys Blue Mug 4.5"H - Set of 4

(G) Fleur Dis Lys Blue Mug 4.5"H - Set of 4