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Village Candles

Whether it is the comforting smell of sweet tea or the natural fragrance of pine, Village Candle Company liven your fragrance needs and desires. Each candle starts in Maine, where only the best ingredients and colors are blended together to create a scent fit for you.

They can add lovely scents to a household, or put you in the right mood when engaging in self-care. Use either stick or jar candles for this purpose.

Sensational Scent Products from Village Candle Company

The artistry of each candle brings out the best in every option of fragrance. Village Candles use the best in purified wax and fragrance oils to create an iconic aroma for any occasion.

Village Candles are also one of the best products at The Lamp Stand from a price perspective. Each candle is available for a fraction of the cost of other name brands.

What Company Makes Village Candles?

Village Candles was created in 1993, but it was Stonewall Kitchen who recently acquired the company back in January of 2020. They work to achieve the goal of providing a line of quality and consumer friendly products, and that now includes Village Candles.

The Benefits of Village Brand Candles

It’s safe to say that Village Candles offers the best of both worlds in both quality products and affordable prices, whether you’re a candle expert or trying to shop for one. You get many benefits from using this brand in particular.

Village Candles vs. Yankee Candles

When comparing Village Candles to its competitor, Yankee Candles, the first thing consumers will notice is that Village Candles have two wicks. Such a design allows the scent to diffuse faster and for you to enjoy your favorite fragrance quicker.

Candle connoisseurs will also see that Village Candles offers a larger candle of 26oz, while Yankee Candles only provides a bigger size of 22oz. Size means that you get a higher value for your purchase.

Village Candles is also much more cost effective than Yankee Candles, providing customers with affordable options.

Who Sells Village Candles?

There are several places to see where to buy this brand. The Lamp Stand is without a doubt where you will be guaranteed free and quick shipping.

Enhance Your Home With Village And Other Jar Candles from The Lamp Stand

The Lamp Stand prides itself on providing hand-crafted, high quality products. Simplify your search for whatever your home furnishing or fragrance desires may be here at the Lamp Stand. With an abundance of available products ready to go, The Lamp Stand ships out your orders as soon as possible.

Find your next favorite fragrance with our Village Candles lineup. These are certainly some of our best valued candles at The Lamp Stand. As you light one of these candles, prepare to sit back and “re-wax”, soaking in your next favorite fragrance.

Be sure to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm CST.