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WoodWick Candles Verdant Earth Trilogy Ellipse

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Verdant Earth Trilogy Ellipse Candle by WoodWick Candle

Fragrance layers, top to bottom: Sand & Driftwood: A perfect balance of sun-washed wood, sea grass, and soft white sand.; Hemp & Ivy: Wild climbing ivy and verdant clover with hints of hemp seed and sandalwood.; White Teak: Crisp balsam branches mixed with sandalwood and teak, with hints of tree moss and cedarwood.

Embark on a curated, multi-sensory journey. Three complementary scents are carefully selected and layered into one vessel to craft a unique fragrance offering that evolves as the candle burns. The patented Hearthwick Flame enhances the sensory experience with a distinctive crackle and intriguing glow. A coveted gift for yourself or a friend.

  • Wax : A premium blend of soy and paraffin wax
  • Scent : Each of the three fragrances is custom blended using the finest ingredients to create a sophisticated, complex scent.
  • Glass : The unique ellipse vessel design allows for a large wax pool which creates a strong fragrance experience.
  • Wick : The exclusive, patented Hearthwick Flame wooden wick creates a distinctive crackle and long dancing flame for a truly multi-sensory experience. Wicks are handcrafted for each candle to produce the optimum wax pool with a fast fragrance release.
  • Weight : 16 oz
  • Dimensions : 7.5" x 4.75" x 3.63"
WoodWick Candles Verdant Earth Trilogy Ellipse

WoodWick Candles Verdant Earth Trilogy Ellipse