Transylvania XL Hand-Embroidered Pillow by Catstudio

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Transylvania XL Hand-Embroidered Pillow by Catstudio (Special Order)

This original design celebrates the home of Count Dracula and his creepy cousin The Werewolf - Transylvania! We did our research on this one: The Carpathian Mountains, Vlad the Impaler, Gypsies Dancing, and more - it's all there. A delightful addition to your home this Halloween!
This EXTRA LARGE pillow is entirely HAND embroidered on light tea-colored 100% organic cotton. Amazingly it takes 2 weeks (80+ hours) with 2 artisans working on it - just to make one of these XL Pillows! It is also unique in nature since each artisan incorporates a certain flair and signature to his/her work. Accented with black velvet piping.

Our XL pillows can be ordered in any of our geography designs!
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  • Extra large, extra special. Embroidered by HAND: it takes 80+ hours to make one!
  • Dimensions: 30" x 30"
  • Materials: 100% Organic Cotton; Poly form included; Button closure.
  • Hand Embroidered and Made in India
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean only.
  • Fun Facts: The Carpathian Mountain Range contains the most untouched forests in all of Europe and is the habitat for 60% of the European brown bears. The tallest wooden church in the world is in Sapanta Peri, Transylvania. It features a 23 foot tall cross on top of the 257 ft tall church. The Unitarian Church was founded in Transylvania in the 16th century. Two famous novels inspired by Transylvania are 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker and 'The Castle in the Carpathians.' The Black Church (Biserica Neagr?) in Brasov has one of the largest pipe organs in Europe, with 4,000 pipes. It has the largest bell in Romania (weighs 41,000 lbs). The Bigar Cascade Falls in Cara?-Severin, transylvania are known for their extraordinary beauty and the way the water falls. Transylvania, Moldavia, and Wallachia all make up modern day Romania. Sibiu's Astra Museum is the second-largest outdoor museum in the world. More than three hundred buildings, watermills, windmills, wine presses, and hydraulic forges are displayed. Radu Florescu and Raymond T. McNally co-authored a famous book "In Search of Dracula" which connected Bram Stoker's character to Vlad the Impaler of Transylvania. Vlad III, also known as Vlad Dracula and Vlad Tepes (the Impaler), was Prince of Wallachia and ruler of Transylvania during the 15th century. He was a cruel tyrant who frequently slaughtered hundreds of his own people and would order a person impaled for a minor crime of lying. He was a member of the order of the Dragon (as was his father) and vowed as a Christian to keep an honest and hardworking kingdom. Vlad III fought frequent wars with the Turks, one such resulted in his forces impaling 20,000 Turkish soldiers on long stakes: creating the 'Forest of the Impaled' which caused the Turks to retreat. Fittingly Vlad III met his end during a battle with the Turkish army in Wallachia (he was 45 years old). The Sultan displayed Vlad's head on a spike in Constantinople to show his people that the Impaler was no longer a threat.
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