Marine 12 oz. Hand Cream by Lafco New York

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Marine 12 oz. Hand Cream by Lafco New York

Harmless waves slap against the kayak as it glides its way toward the shore under the late afternoon sun. The intoxicating sea air is suddenly enhanced by wet floral notes of water lily, sea jasmine and rose as the boat paddles closer to landing.

Clean and luminous marine notes work their ozonic magic on bergamot, jasmine and vetiver.

Artfully made in Italy using only natural ingredients, Lafco New York's Marine reparative hand cream is crafted to restore and repair dry skin, leaving your hands luxuriously fragranced.

- Cottonseed and jojoba oils create a natural moisture barrier to protect the skin
- Corn germ and olive oils are natural antioxidants and are uniquely reparative
- Refined, perfume-grade fragrances provide a lasting, natural scent
- Hypoallergenic and free of sulfates, parabens and other synthetic ingredients for a genuinely pure experience
- Lafco New York's hand creams are made entirely from plants

- A dime-sized amount of cream is enough to cover both hands
- Lafco New York's hand cream can be used after each wash with our bar or liquid soap to seal in moisture
12 oz