Coeur Noir Fragrance Lamp by Lampe Berger

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Please note, this is a slightly damaged item. 2 tips on the crown have been chipped. Product photos show accurate item condition.

What is this heart raising its steel arms to the heavens, the surface turned away, a lustrous black until the day breaks from within just like a heavy weapon or maybe a royal relic encased in lead? All is in contrast, elegantly perfumed, it gives off a thousand fragrances to reach the most divine raptures.

Beauty is the foundation of our dreams. It is beyond price. It draws together all the parameters of perfection to make the human spirit soar. Indeed, it exerts such a degree of fascination that we are driven to possess it. To hold beauty in the palm of ou hands is to fulfill an eternal desire. The ambition of this LAMPE BERGER collection is to offer you such a moment of timeless pleasure.

Glossy black lamp, full of contrasts and elegance, a glass heart resting on steel legs. Model signed by David BoulangŽ. Lamp sold in a box with 1 catalytic burner, 1 funnel and 1 stopper.
Material: Glass
Capacity: 274ml
Height: 9.84 inches
Color: Black
Coeur Noir Fragrance Lamp by Lampe Berger

Coeur Noir Fragrance Lamp by Lampe Berger

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