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16 oz. Cup and Saucer-Set of 4-Mocha

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GG Collection Ancathus Monogram Frame

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Dimensions: (Cup) 5.5"w x 4"d x 5.5"h (Saucer) 7.25"w x 7.25"d x .75"h

The GG Collection features an impressive selection of finely designed accessories from the kitchen to the tabletop. Not only is GG pleasing to the eye with its elegant European charm, but this collection is also functional and practical. The GG Collection includes a variety of home accents featuring glazed ceramics, mouth blown glass, and authentic metal. GG is one of the highest quality products on the market and is sure to the please both the guests and the host!

All GG items are handmade and slight imperfections can be expected.

Glass Items: GG items made of glass are hand made products. Air bubbles can be expected due to the mouth blown process. Glass products are not made of tempured glass and are NOT meant to be heated or hold hot liquids.

Ceramic Items: Glazes are combined with the stoneware to create a unique and highly durable finish. Each piece is carefully hand dipped, which sometimes results in slight runs in the glaze. The occasional pinhole and color variations are considered normal and natural to the ceramists and lend themselves to the handcrafted old world look of The GG Collection.

With age, tiny lines called crazing may form in the glaze This is a unique characteristic of stoneware and does not affect the durability or safety.
16 oz. Cup and Saucer-Set of 4-Mocha

16 oz. Cup and Saucer-Set of 4-Mocha