Farmhouse Fresh

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FarmHouse Fresh dreams, develops & hand assembles exquisite products that bring delight with every use. WHIMSICAL. NOSTALGIC. GIFTABLE. For even your finickiest friends. The INGREDIENTS ARE RIPE. Each product is Paraben & Sulfate free, with many Vegan & Gluten-Free options. Each product uses 90%-99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients like wild honey, yogurt, clay and pumpkin. All made in Texas. The FRAGRANCES ARE FRESHLY PICKED. You'll swoon from the moment you release the carefully crafted aromas into the air. Oprah says the scrubs smell so good, she wants to serve them over berries. ENJOYED AT THE FINEST OF ESTABLISHMENTS. These products are carried at luxury resorts like: Red Mountain, Glen Ivy, Ritz-Carltons and more, as well as finer retail boutiques. Proudly, FarmHouse Fresh was selected among the top 5 Favorite Bodycare lines this year by spa professionals.