Fall Festival Holiday Medium Lidded French Urn Nouvelle Candle

Item #: NOUVC-602HUM-LFF

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Fall Festival Holiday Medium Lidded Ivory Cream Crackle French Urn Nouvelle Candle

It ’s twilight in Autumn. There is a bite to the wind, and thousands of leaves pirouette to the ground in a polychromatic ballet. A warm light spills from the windows of the house, and a smoky, sweet scent emanates from the chimney. This spicy mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove invites you to come inside and warm up with a warm pot of mulled cider or spiced tea.
Inspired by the artisan garden pots from the Anduze region of France. These were custom made and sold only to Nouvelle Candle. The possibilities for repurposing are endless.
12 oz.
Dimensions: 4" w x 5.25" t
50-60 Hour Burn Time