Mod Tortoise Junior Backpack

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The new Junior Backpack is the perfect size for your grade school, junior miss! Comfortable, colorful and lightweight, the Junior Backpack sports a large center compartment for take-home folders and homework, interior zip pocket to store goodies, and a front zippered pocket for everything a little student needs for the day. Also features a handy exterior accessory ring to clip on a water bottle, mittens or a cinda b Snack Pack!

Each and every cinda b bags is: water-resistant stain-resistant machine washable made right here in the U.S.A. made with the latest, fashion-forward poly/nylon fabrics extremely durable, yet surprisingly lightweight accessorized with plenty of pockets, compartments, clasps, zippers, snaps and straps - making them unique, functional and fun
Mod Tortoise Junior Backpack

Mod Tortoise Junior Backpack