The Beach Comber Charm Necklace - 16"

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Comb through the sand all you'd like, but you'll never find a treasure as beautiful as this nautical necklace.

Position the toggle bar so that it is parallel to the chain and push it through the two holes on the side of the slide charm. Repeat until your design is complete. To hold charms in place on the necklace, use the stopper clips by pressing the small button on the front of the clips and clamping them shut on each end of the necklace. Then, flip the safety clasp down and click it in place. To create a lariat style necklace, slide the charms down to the base of the toggle bar and separate the two stands of the necklace to put your head through. Voila!
The Beach Comber Charm Necklace - 16"

The Beach Comber Charm Necklace - 16"