The Best Long-Lasting Candles of 2021

The Best Long-Lasting Candles of 2021

Posted by Jerika on Nov 4th 2021

We’ve all been there. You fall in love with a candle scent and burn it every day for a week. Then, you find yourself staring at the remains of a candle and are obliged to go buy another.

So that brings us to the topic of long-lasting candles. Which candles last the longest? Can you make your candles last longer?

We’re here to help you out with a list of our favorite long-lasting candles and some tips to ensure all your candles last as long as possible. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your candles burning and our picks for the best long-lasting candles available today.

How long do candles last?

The short answer is; it depends.

Candle burn time varies based on the type of wax used, the number of wicks, the size of the candle, and how you burn it. Let’s go over each of those points.


Different waxes burn at different rates. Paraffin wax, the most popular wax, burns more quickly, and thus leads to shorter lifespans for these candles.

Soy wax, which is gaining popularity, burns more slowly due to its higher melting point.

Finally, the slowest burning wax is beeswax. This natural wax has a very high melting point, and can almost double a candle’s lifespan.

For example, our Root Candles, which are made from 100% beeswax, have nearly 70 hours of burn time for a 10 oz candle, while a 20 oz. soy candle will generally have a burn time of about 100.


Wicks affect burn time in two ways. The first is that if your wick is not trimmed regularly, it is likely to degrade faster, and can lead to debris in your candle wax. This then leads to shorter burn times as your candle cannot burn efficiently.

Secondly, the more wicks a candle has the quicker it burns, as the wax can be heated more efficiently. This does tie into the size of candles, however.

While single wick candles can burn more slowly, if a candle is too large, a single wick may not be able to melt the wax efficiently and lead to tunneling. Therefore, you want to be cautious when buying large candles, as wax type and wick number will affect even the largest of candles.

How It's Burned

It’s generally recommended to burn candles until the melted wax has reached the entire width of the vessel. This means that you don’t have any solid wax at the top of the candle. On average, this takes four hours for large candles.

By doing this, you can prevent tunneling in candles and overall expand their life.

What is considered a long-lasting candle?

We consider a long-lasting candle one that burns for at least 110-hours.

If you burn your candles for at least four hours at a time, the average time it takes to ensure you’re burning large candles efficiently, 110 hours ensures you will get over 27 burns out of your candle. That’s almost a month of burning these candles every day.

Our favorite long-lasting candles

Longest Lasting Overall

Botanico de Havana 3-Wick XL Candle by Archipelago | 400 Hours

While we sell candles that technically can burn longer than 400-hours, (like the Candleberry Hot Maple Toddy 160 oz. Cookie Jar candle which reaches a staggering 800-hours), these candles are extremely large to the point that they don’t fit on most shelves.

In contrast, the Botanico de Havana 3-Wick candle by Archipelago hits 400-hours of burn time but only measures 6” by 6”. This makes it easy to fit on shelves and side tables. Additionally, the scent combines bergamot, ylang ylang and tobacco flower, for a unique and luxurious scent.

Longest Lasting Soy Candle

Milkhouse 26 oz. Farmhouse Jar Candle | 150+ Hours

Milkhouse is one of our favorite brands here at The Lamp Stand. They make all their candles in the US and each candle is made from 100% soy wax while still providing strong scents that fill your home with ease.

This particular candle can burn for about 150-hours, and we sell it in a plethora of scents (my personal favorite is the Flannel & Frost).

Most affordable long-lasting candle

Swan Creek 24 oz. Jar Candles | 110+ Hours

Swan Creek is a phenomenal brand and another of our favorites. They are another 100% soy candle brand, which is made in the US and is well-known for their reusable vessels. Additionally, the 24 oz. Jar candles they offer are very affordable, allowing you to enjoy a single candle for over 110 hours. Our personal favorite right now? The Gingerbread Kitchen Pantry Jar, it’s getting us in the mood to start holiday shopping.

Root Candles


Do soy candles last longer?

Yes. As mentioned above, soy wax has a higher melting point and thus burns more slowly than paraffin wax.

Do candles last longer if you freeze them?

No. This is a very popular myth that gained traction online. The idea was that frozen wax would need to ‘thaw’ before melting, so candles would last longer. However, in practice, traditional freezers don’t get wax cold enough for this to be the case.

How long do WoodWick candles last?

WoodWick candles are one of the most popular candles out there. However, it is not because of their long lifespan. WoodWick candles are known for having a shorter lifespan to other candles for their size.

This is mainly due to the very wicks that give them their distinctive crackle, and partly because of the paraffin wax blend that is used as their base.  

Final Thoughts

You can make any candle last longer as long as you maintain it. However, if you are looking specifically for candles that have a long burn time built in, you can’t go wrong with our recommendations from Swan Creek, Milkhouse, and Archipelago.

Check out those brands to see more great candles in hundreds of scents today!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week,

- Jerika