Katherine’s Collection: Christmas Art Figurines

Katherine’s Collection: Christmas Art Figurines

Dec 1st 2020

When you think of unique décor or memorable art, Katherine’s Collection should always come to mind.

Every day of the year, or as a way to bring holiday cheer, these interesting works of art will make a huge statement in your home. The designs are created to spark conversation and creativity while bringing joy to anyone fortunate enough to encounter them.

Typically known for original character dolls, Katherine’s Collection also consists of handcrafted creations and holiday décor. Every item is crafted with a quality that calls for it to be collected and cherished for years to come. They are created with only the best resins, fabrics and accessories to ensure they will last a lifetime and then some.

Whether you purchase a doll or some intriguing décor, it is sure to make a beautiful heirloom gift.

Owning an item from Katherine’s Collection gives you an incredible conversation piece and an item you can hand down to your children and grandchildren. It is a beautiful way to make memories as you relish in a new design (or several) each year.

Every Katherine’s Collection signature piece is developed in the Ohio studio, with over 100 hours going into each design from the idea to the first fully crafted doll. Without exception, the details matter, building the perfect depiction of the designer’s dream one small element at a time.

It starts with a sketch, followed by the clothing designers developing an elaborate pattern to start the process. This pattern is so intricate that every stitch, every button, and every piece of lace is accounted for.

The doll is then sculpted by a skilled artist and painted with finesse and precision, carefully shaping the character through expression.

No matter what holiday or time of year, you are sure to find something that suits your style and fits your family perfectly. From the formal, classic Victorian to silly, fun characters, Katherine’s Collection has a keepsake that will inspire and dazzle you and your family while uplifting your spirits and bringing joy to your home.