Mindful Lavender Large Soy Candle by Aquiesse

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Mindful Lavender Large Candle by Aquiesse

Aromatic & fresh, the blend of French lavender, black tea, cardamom & nutmeg envelope a blooming hue or iris, spicy floracy & earthy oak.

AQUIESSE defines sophisticated, indulgent ambiance by inspiring the emotions evoked through the bounties of nature. Their fragrances are meticulously blended by master perfumers using the world’s finest essential oils and extracts.

MINDFUL collection promotes ethically and sustainably sourced essential oils from across the globe that support humanity and mother earth while providing you with the most luxurious, nature-inspired scents for your home and body.

Large Candle - Elegant, ultra-thick glass in smoke brown complements every style. Custom, heat-resistant cover doubles as a chic pedestal and can also be used to safely extinguish the candle and protect from dust when not in use.

Surrender to your senses.... Breathe...

Size: 12 fl. oz.
Burn Time: 100+ hours
Mindful Lavender Large Soy Candle by Aquiesse

Mindful Lavender Large Soy Candle by Aquiesse